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Rachel Carson Middle School is an amazing school in Northern Virginia, and a short distance from DC. It is mainly asian (including Indians) and white, and a few people are ghetto. It is by far, one of the best schools in Northern Va. It feeds the most people into THE #2 HS IN AMERICA: TJHSST because of all the smart asians and whites at RCMS. There are actually nice teachers that not everyone hates there. Here everyone has the time of their life, before going to high school. They usually are smart as hell just cuz they're all asian.
Person 1: Yo dawg. I go to Rachel Carson Middle School, and it's fucking awesome there. Best school ever. It makes school not so damn shitty.

Person 2: IKR, bro. All the damn people there are fucking awesome.
by THEBAWSS April 03, 2013
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A middle school in nowhere'sville, Virginia with 30% Asians, 30% Indians, 30% White People, 5% Wasians, and 5% Latinos, Black People & Other. With 4 minute passing periods and snobby, preppy white people (Girls wear floral and boys are skaters),wanna be gangsters (but dont get confused, there is no hood in herndon), and know- it all indians and asians. Assigned Seats at Lunch, teachers who stare you down in the hallways, its like almost every other middle school out there. FUBAR.
Person A: Dude, I cant wait to leave Rachel Carson Middle School
Person B: IKR, I'd much rather go to AISJ.
by PurplePeopleEaterbumbumbum January 28, 2011
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A middle school full of wanna-be everythings. Wanna-be gangsters, Wanna-be skaters (best trick is probably a kick-flip) Wanna-be sluts, Wanna- be hot girls, Wanna-be potheads and Wanna-be Zac Efrons. Its somewhere out it in Virginia near DC but not near anything else. If you go to this school you probably hangout by the shopping centers and waste time. But don't fear ! People usually get better by highschool....usually.....
Person 1: "Yo i qo tah raquel carsun meddle skewl"

Person 2: "K, me to."

Rachel Carson Middle School.
by ilikecatzzz October 25, 2011
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