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Rock-Hard nipples, visible through a shirt, Blouse or Ross’ living room window... like Rachel Green’s from “Friends”.

Some call them Fripples or a THO (Tittie Hard On) but the true nipple connoisseur will forever remember their first “Rachel Greens!”
As the breeze blows off of the Hudson River, I could see her Rachel Greens from a mile away!
by 6LXIX9 June 16, 2019
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A sarcastic name for singer and songwriter Dua Lipa
Oh my god have you heard that new Dula Peep song?
by Expired Ravioli February 03, 2021
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An awesome character on the popular TV show friends.
Married Ross Geller while drunk in Las Vegas, divorced him soon after (although this took a long time for various reasons) and later had a baby with him.
Is a fashion executive at Ralph Lauren.
Is ditzy at times.
Rachel Green just is. Do not question Rachel Green.
by Vince20 February 02, 2014
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