An awesome character on the popular TV show friends.
Married Ross Geller while drunk in Las Vegas, divorced him soon after (although this took a long time for various reasons) and later had a baby with him.
Is a fashion executive at Ralph Lauren.
Is ditzy at times.
Rachel Green just is. Do not question Rachel Green.
by Vince20 February 2, 2014
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When you start to crush on someone because they like you. Much like Rachel falling in love with Ross after finding out he has a HUGE crush on her.
"I think I like him."
"No you don't, it's just Rachel Green Syndrome, it'll pass."
by Looples April 12, 2019
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Someone who is very spoiled and ditsy and cries until they get what they want
Rachel Green: Isn’t that just kick you in the crutch spit on your neck fantastic?
Everyone else: wtf is she saying?
Random guy: lol, she just has a bad case of Rachel Green Syndrome
by Samellaeatsalot November 10, 2018
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Rachel green is a character on the show “Friends” .
“Rachel Greene?”
“Huh, Oh my god Bob Tillman!”
(From memory on the show friends)
(Those lines are from memory)
by Mitsuki=My online name January 8, 2022
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