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A girl living in an undisclosed universe in which she has become Grand Poobah Queen Mommy.

In only four months, she has taken over the population of her current surroundings, and now owns most of them.

Those that she does not own have the privilege of calling her by her real name, and join in the cause of owning her disciples.

It has been speculated that in a matter of a few more months, Rachea will have the power over everyone in her immediate vicinity, save those that share her power, and will, in turn, take over the world.

Also happens to be the goddess of Seckseeness.
Disciple: Where's Mommy?
Rachea-Lover: How dare you ask for HER? If she wishes to see you, she will find YOU.

Thou shalt not call Mommy by her real name unless Mommy has given you express permission.

Rachea-Lover: Rachea, what should we do with the annoying freshman?
Rachea: You may hit him. Just not too hard. Thou shalt not leave marks...
by Phaedra De Lune January 22, 2009
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