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The ultimate powerhouse best-friend duo who is more in-synch than the band.

Established: Twitter, 2015.
Founding Members: Rachellie + Mackinac
Big Rachcaila energy includes discussing the ultimate Source of Suffering, saying the exact same sentence and the exact same time, and crying in various locations while the other supports

Rachcaila is often found in a variety of situations:

Eating carbs
Having fill blown conversations with memes
Scream singing to Taylor Swift
Crying in the shower
Crying in whole foods
Crying in the bathtub
Sending long resignation emails
Quoting Taylor Swift
Journaling/ aggressively writing

Winded rants
Calling the other person while doing cardio so they don't have to do it alone
Watching RomComs
Stepping into the daylight and letting it go
by Rachcaila September 06, 2019
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