An overprotective and/or obsessive fangirl or fanboy of a celebrity, game, TV show etc. that can’t handle criticism directed at it. Will get mad, or at times even violent if disagreed with. Disagreement will most likely result in insults typed in CAPS LOCK and lots of spam on your page.

Rabid fans share a few similar traits with rabid haters, despite being the polar opposites of them. Both are obsessive of and biased about the subject they love/hate.
Person 1: I’m not a big fan of Minecraft. It’s mediocre at best.
Rabid fan: How dare you say such things? Minecraft is the best game ever. If you disagree you’re most definitely a butthurt Fortnite kid. Get back to playing your crappy game, cringe 2010s kid.
by Anthony Clover October 3, 2020
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