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Raider Klan is a Klan of skaters, hipsters, taggers, misunderstood kids who are considered weird to kids known as hypebeasts. A hypebeast is a kid who--put it like this: They gotta look like somebody else instead of being themselves. Raider Klan is a klan of people who've had their hearts broken--been lied to, cheated on taken advantage of--and they were like, fuck this shit, I can't take it anymore. The only people I'm gonna be loyal to are the people who've been there for me. Everybody else gets the cold shoulder. The black heart is what Raiders have. That's why we wear black. You show people your weakness, and they're gonna turn around and give you they ass to kiss. Our black shades represent the blindness to all the bullshit negativity brought upon by the common oppressor. The Raider hat is just to let a bitch know. Our uniform. We wear all black to represent our hearts.
Guy 1: Those guys over there are really wearing all black in this hot ass weather!
Guy 2: Yea, they're Raiders, from the RVIDXR KLVN, they all have something in common.
by Trillest90's July 15, 2012
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