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Ride safe, ride often - aka "RSRO" is a mentality of discipline of proactive approach to minimize the likelyhood of severe injury or death in a hazardous sport of "riding" or operating machinery or equipment on multiple venue type such as dirt tracks, motocross tracks, sand dunes, off road parks or trails, and street or blacktop activities. To implement safety gear of prevention, and to inspect and maintain equipment and machinery in an approach to combat against the hazards one may encounter during the act of riding, racing, or actively in motion of machinery of high performance. It's not only a term, it is a mentality and encourages a responsible mindset as to "ride often" and a proactive approach of safety implement and responsible ride practices.
Have fun doing what you love with friends and family, RSRO - Ride safe, Ride often
by Bacon178 April 05, 2015
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