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RSMV stands for:

RuneScape Music Video

History of the term
RSMVs began around early 2006. These first RSMVs were made in either Windows Movie Maker (WMM) or Camtasia Studios. Some of the most well known RSMV-ers at this time were Xgen20o4, Tyvak519, Vinchenzo900, and Regicidal1. Around the middle of 2007, RSMVs began to take one of the biggest turns it could ever. RSMVs began to be created in the movie editing program Sony Vegas. This started an uproar for the better, and new movie makers began to become famous for their skills with their "new breed of weapon". Since then, many styles of RSMVs have been developed. Over editing, which originated from Boomertwins, is using a lot of effects in an RSMV to make it look rather cool and epic, but not so much that you can't read the words. Alt Rock and Screamo songs are best for this style. Another one is Storyline Style, which originated from Masterhyperg, in which you balance your effects to make the video look as real as possible.
Hey man can you help me with a game?

No sorry, I'm working on an RSMV.
by Luigi the Singing Choob May 16, 2009
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RSMV stands for RuneScape Music Video

(On youtube the video has {RSMV} in the title)


When a 12 year old find out how to use windows movie maker.
D00d check out my miley cirus RSMV on youtube

by war7x August 07, 2009
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Runescape music video

taking music and making ur runescape character dance to it
richard466 on

im gonna make a rsmv for youtube
by mailman1391 August 15, 2007
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