RSA – Rear Seat Accessory – A member of the opposite gender, usually decorative in nature, that occupies the passenger’s portion of a motorcycle seat.
I’m looking for a new R.S.A.
My biker friend lost his RSA the other day when it fell off; I'm helping him find a new one.
by tall_dave_1959 September 29, 2009
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R.S.A. is an abbreviation for Rancid Skunk Ass, May be hard to fit into the average sentence, but RSA is the extreme of disgusting.
Daaaamn, that flat beer is fuckin RSA!
by Austin April 19, 2003
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Richard's - Saving - Awesomeness

a not well documented phenomenon which has been observed on the island of Jamaica. RSA is known to reduce damages by hurricanes which is seen from evidence from hurricanes Ivan, Dennis, Emily and most recently Gustav
Unbeliever :omgwtf teh hurrcane just swerved away from us gigiddy gigiddy gooo

Believer: yeh R.S.A. @ work b1tch!!!
by ArCReid August 31, 2008
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