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(noun): the complete student body of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Boys who have a strange affinity and fetish over Dungeons and Dragons and Yu-Gi-Oh (the abridged series). RPI nerds have highly deranged illusions that they can acquire any Russell Sage Girl they would like. They frequently stalk the Facebook mating scene hoping to get lucky. They often complain about not having girlfriends, however their social capabilities are far lower than most humans due to their voluntary isolation to their bedrooms where they try to beat 10 year old boys in North Carolina in Halo 3. Their favorite television station is G4 TV where they get off watching the newest technology being released, and attractive women discussing their favorite comic books. They are a highly sexist breed, yet they still love playing women avatars in The World of Warcraft. On rare occasions some RPI boys will actually hook up with women and text them lines from Lord of The Rings the next day. Luckily for them there is a Ben and Jerry's on campus. Unfortunately, Ben and Jerry's attracts more women than the entire male population of RPI. Too bad they never turned that Ben and Jerry's into a Game Stop. Dun
"Hark! My copy of Peach Girl is sticky, it must be those RPI nerds."

"Half of my panties are missing, and this thong has been signed. Oh the RPI nerds were here."

"Is your hottie in the pottie? No. But, my RPI nerd is."
by RSCpayback February 15, 2009
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