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The RPG Codex is a forum for butthurt edgy teens who are "too cool for mainstream RPG's". The result is that they spend all their time playing old RPG's (but not that old) whilst slandering new ones (which they still play anyway). They stalk developers and modders such as Tessera and Wesp5 (who are all apparently German for some reason according to them) and have a weird obsession with many Bioware developers who they delve into the personal and private information of. The stalking of Tessera and Wesp5 has continued for 7 years by several insane individuals who use the Codex.

90% of the posters on the forum could have their own entries on Encyclopedia Dramatica due to how insane they sound. The Codex also hates the RPG Watch which is actually the real place for sophisticated RPG discussion and not the Codex where you're more likely to find a racist or homophobic thread.

Once upon a time, the RPG Codex was considered a serious place back when developers from Bethesda and Bioware posted on them but after being threatened with rape (yeah, seriously) by the basement dwellers there, the developers decided they had enough abuse from the neckbeards and blocked off all communications with the 'dex. The result is that the Codex has been butt mad ever since towards Bethesda and Bioware.
In truth, the Codex is the place you'd want to go if you want to gossip about developers and their private lives because you're a weirdo. Good luck having a civil "sophisticated" debate about an RPG though since most of these idiots try to act like /b/tards but actually come off sounding more retarded.

The RPG Codex is now the laughing stock of the RPG community and no one takes them seriously anymore.
by RPG Codex August 19, 2014
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Literally one of the hells in the Internet. This is an internet forum for the discussion of anything that's related to role-playing games but just like most internet forums, they can deviate from that and discuss other things. However, most of the members of that particular forum seems to hate pretty much everything, say curse words all the time, accuse fictional characters of being things that they dislike, and regularly use racist or antisemitic words all the time. Even the moderators are pretty terrible as they also seem to unable to stop the insanity of the forums and they sometimes even join in the racism, cursing and trolling. Overall, the place is one of the literal hells of the Internet. Seriously, it's on par with youtube comments, gamefaqs message boards and comic book resources in terms of stupidity and insanity.
What's the definition of the word rpgcodex?

Hell itself.
by Hellrider285 January 18, 2014
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A forum truly consisting of butthurt children, they have made a thread about the definitions on this page. To add to TheLulz's list of trolling these guys:

-Link this page to the RPG Codex and watch the freaks come out of their holes.

The RPG Codex's only real recognition will be that they donated some money towards Divinity Original Sin alongside the RPG Watch. They're proud that they appear in the skippable intro that nobody ever watches, as if anyone cares about their shitty little forum.
The RPG Codex, a forum used by kicked-out newfags from /v/ who are too retarded for /b/.

Judging by the downvotes on the other definitions here, some fags from the Codex are butthurt.
by tROLL August 22, 2014
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