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When playing an online text-based RPG, some people will post words that are obsolete or make no sense at all in place of other words because they can't come up with any other way to keep from using the same words over and over, and they think it makes themselves sound more sophisticated. Peer pressure is also a large factor, and people often get into the habit (as bad as it is) because "everybody else is doing it".

RPG speak usually winds up doing nothing but making their posts far more difficult to read.
Example of RPG speak:
The hellion's audits turned in the direction of the soon-to-be-made crime scene, and he ignited across the earth's facade. His projectiles pivoted, and his oculars turned, searching the landscape. Opening his maw he let loose a roar, then widened his paper thins to allow the essence on the wend waft inside. Suddenly he halted his skeleton, and flinging his tassels aside he rotated his harks once more, lowering his lids over his orbs as he listened, but to no avail.
by AProg December 20, 2010
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