An RNE is a Repeat Naughty Experience. Sometimes, occasionally, you do something you shouldn't. An RNE is when do it a second time... or third.
You remember that really incredible chick from the gym I told you about? I thought that was a "Once in a lifetime" experience. Saw her out again last night... you're not going to believe this... RNE.
by LunchBoXXXRidesAgain October 31, 2013
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One who is very hardworking and adorable at times. They are very loud and tend to tell dad jokes here and there, which can be a good thing, or a bad thing. Rnes love to travel, but are reserved when it comes to trying new things. They can also be a little "weird" at times.
Girl: I want to travel somewhere cool this weekend, but I don't know where to go.
Boy: Let's call Rnes! He always knows where to go.
by kyaniani June 25, 2021
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you did the remove the first and last letter of your name thing and your gacha ocs name is Ernest. (or somebody you know or you are named Ernest)
Person 1: Ernest is my characters name.. lets go see
*reads page*
Person 1: Oh..
by makoivoila July 24, 2021
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