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First created by the Ancient Romans, it was a customary day of celebration known as "Ora Officium deis Veneris." The weekly celebration honors the 'rim job,' or the act of licking another's butthole. Rim Job parties are customary in more modern times, and have become more well known, especially during the past few years. The once weekly holiday has become a daily festivity: RJ Mondays, RJ Tuesdays, RJ Wednesdays, RJ Thursdays, RJ Saturdays, and RJ Sundays are now celebrated worldwide. The leader of the movement, under the alias "Imma Eshol" has transformed the once obscure holiday into a nationwide phenomenon. Barack Obama, current President of the United States, was quoted as saying of the holiday, "Yes, I love RJ Day, Fridays in particular. Nothing gets you going quite like someone eating your asshole. It's incredible."
Person 1: Hey, guess what day it is!
Person 2: I dunno, Easter?
Person 1: Guess again...
Person 2: RJ Friday, I can't believe I forgot! Wasn't yesterday RJ Day?
Person 1: Yeah, and the day before that you think about it, don't we always celebrate RJ Day?
Person 2: Damn right. I love it when bitches eat my asshole.
Person 1: Amen to that.
by Imma Eshol April 16, 2009
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