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"REVERSE RACISM- the NEW TWISTED FACE of Reverse in America"

When one *party is surprisingly, wrongfully, and without malice, forcibly made to endure and accept verbal attacks, (with disregard for quorum or social protocol) whenever an idea or opinion does not conform to their own (based on the color of their skin or NOT-- to suggest and sway others to their SIDE, OPINION, or GROUP)


1) judged and put down on the basis of their skin, or social opinion, or political belief;

2) having this judgment solely on the basis on anther's "flawed" opposing opinion, alleging and angrily accusing that individual of being RACIST- (whatever that unknown opinion is, solely because it is opposing to his/her own);

3) this flawed opinion is then exchanged in a verbal or written attack, FORMALLY accusing another of being "RACIST" (based on skin color, birth heritage, ethnic background etc....regardless of their UNKNOWN opinion, race, skin color or political belief)

4) in attempt to UNDERHANDEDLY SWAY public opinion in their unfair unsolicited attacks... to gain unfair advantage, being on the side of "SELF - RIGHTEOUS DEFENSE"

*(believing and DEMANDING their race, idea, or political belief is, ALONE AND SOLELY, 'SUPERIOR')

"REVERSE RACISM- the NEW TWISTED FACE of Reverse Racism in America"

When I pointed out "Illegal Alien" means, people did something ILLEGALLY in the first place, coming to America as an UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANT...

...a person ANGRILY 8 times posted: "I WAS A RACIST and did not like Mexicans." (untrue statement)

(This comment was made by an illegal WANTED FELON in my community (partnered with a registered sex offender), causing $15,000 in damage; and one dead dog; ordered to STOP;)

I reminded them, my comment was talking about laws of UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRATION POLICY in America. NOT discussing race or the color of skin.

This angered them more, they are RACIST, hoping their comment would smear my reputation online;

their actions were an act of "REVERSE - RACISM" for political or social beliefs (they also brag they hate whites).

Racism or REVERSE RACISM comes in all sizes and colors. I think the KKK was an organized racist group against blacks. I disagreed with the KKK. When the BLACK PANTHER PARTY stands in front of a polling place, with guns shouting "kill all whites" that is RACIST, and just as WRONG as the KKK. Pick your poison, racism coming in any form is WRONG.

When Sheila Jackson Lee, Malcom X, Oprah Winfrey, Reverend Jesse Jackson, President Barack Obama etc. give speeches SUPPORTING RACIST ACTS; based on ANY OTHER COLOR or POLITICAL OPINION; OTHER THAN THEIRS,


by Mrs. Do Gooder July 13, 2010
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