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Someone who doesn't text while driving, but does only while stopped at a red light. Figures this is the safest way to text "while driving."
Kirstyn is always red light texting. Never on the move, only while stopped. Her parents are greatly relieved.

After a close call in traffic, Pansy stopped texting and became a red light texter.
by MR WOLF January 27, 2010
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The act of texting only at a redlight by the person who is driving the car. Generally accepted as a safer way to text while driving because the driver is less likely to wreck, but they can still maintain communication with other people.
Mom: Kasey, put that phone away, don't you know you're not supposed to text while you're driving?!
Kasey: Mom, it's ok, I'm 18, haven't I at least earned the privilege of redlight texting? I'm not going to wreck.
by CelticFox June 20, 2010
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