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RACHHA (pronounced raw-chuh) stands for "Ryan And Charlie's Hip Hop Adventure." They are a hip hop band. They make their hip hop sounds on a keyboard and occasionally programming.

They aren't black and they aren't white. They are caucasian. Even though their "tagline" is "I'm black enough, are you?" They started out as a side band from their original indie-experimental band "Pogo stick champions"(PSC) and got a great fan response on myspace(even though they don't like making songs about it). They are hip hop, not rap so don't confuse them or you'll get a "busted cap". They are ending the "Generation Tour" early to get back to work on PSC.

They made such songs as "Get Crunk Mrs. Scott", "Dem Skinny Jeans", "Crystal Light's Gym Class", "Velcro Shoes", and "I Am Sports". Most of the songs are about sports (or being sports) and hanging out in gym class. A lot of their songs begin with phone calls that hit off the song.

They are currently at the end of their "Generation Tour" and are having their farwell show in mid-February. They will be playing some new songs and selling their CD "The Voice Of Hip Hop"(for $4). Adam will be the opening the show with some original stories about a guy named "And" and reciting Bradley Hathaway.

Myspace: ryan and charlies hip hop adventure (no spaces)

search RACHHA to see concert videos
RACHHA song(beginning):I Am Sports
(Phone rings)
Ryan:Whassup mahn?
Charlie:MAHN nothing mahn whassup?
Ryan:Mahn how you doin today, whatchu, whatchu bout to be doin with your life mahn?
Charlie:Mahn I dunno.
Ryan:(smack lips) Mahn...You wanna play some spohts!?
Charlie:MAHN I don't do sports, psh, I AM SPORTS!!!!
Ryan:You is sports, what the heck?
by a-dude January 06, 2007
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