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Nickname for the actor Robert Pattinson, who is known best for his roles in Harry Potter 4 and Twilight.
Did you see on perez what r-patz did?
by luxxe October 29, 2008
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Nickname for British actor Robert Pattinson, the sexiest actor/vampire to ever grace the silver screen. After playing Edward Cullen in Twilight, RPatz has become an object of obsession and love to many, along with being a talented pianist, guitarist, and singer. He is gorgeous and beautiful. Let us all honor the sexy RPatz.
Girl A: Going to see Twilight again?
Girl B: Yeah, I can't get enough of that sexy RPatz ass.
Girl A: You are insane.
Girl B: No. I am in love.
by RPatz's next girlfriend March 03, 2009
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the name of the homeless guy who chain smokes in the parking lot of trader joes on santa monica blvd in west hollywood. bears a stunning resemblance to zac efron's evil twin.
a)i had lunch at fred segal and was walking back to my hotel and i saw a really cute homeless guy lurking lurkily by that marc jacobs poster of daisy lowe practically in her nuddy pants. must have been rpatz, judging by the fact that traffic was backed up to lacienega.
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Starred in the Twilight series, and played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. A terrible Edward, Rpatz happens to hate Twilight more than anyone in the existence of the world.
All of Tumblr knows that RPatz hates Twilight more than any one.
by youwishyoucouldhavethis February 17, 2012
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