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Rules Don't Apply to Me. These are the folks who do exactly what they want, when they want, how they want, with no regard to "the rules". Most times they are very easy to spot in any habitat as they find the need to make their desires known to all within a radius of 50 feet. While average and ordinary, or sometimes less, they believe they are truly "rock stars" and deserve special attention and personalized care beyond what the rest of us have a right to claim.
The R-DAM who holds up the line at the county fair $2 hamburger stand who wants his burger done "medium well" with only organic catsup, on a toasted bun, with the sesame seeds removed...or better yet, on two bottom parts of a roll.

The R-DAM plowing through a school zone, when lights are flashing, at 60 mph, because HE has somewhere he NEEDS to be.

by Donna Hosfeld January 30, 2008
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