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Seriously the most amazing girl you'll ever meet. Sassy and smart, beautiful and hard working. She's oblivious but most every guy has at least a little crush on her. She's stronger than you can even imagine, her past is rough and filled with some painful things but she's overcome them in a way that can only be described as inspiring. She doesn't put up with shit and will not hesitate to call you out on it. Qyra loves animals and coloring and music, she has a beautiful voice and plays enough instruments to make you feel awful about yourself. She prefers a small group of people who are close to her, unless you get a little bit of weed or alcohol into her first. If you know a Qyra you're luckier than you can imagine, she'll change your life. Fiercely independent, she doesn't need anyone but herself, but can still be sweet and loving even if she isn't overly concerned about being affectionate. She's active and loves physical activity, she'll keep you on your toes and keep you moving.
Goddammit she just Qyra'd that bitch, roasted.
by TheExitGambit September 23, 2016
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