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Qyamie is nice and caring also he short but he athletic but the only person in his school with that name that makes him stand out so much,at first he can seem boring and shy but when u get to know him he actually a loving person and he wants everyone as his friend no matter who,also girls judge him by his looks but when they talk to him they think differently about him and he overprotective of his friends and family members and bestfriends and he an great guy that watches anime and like being on his phone all day,and he may seem like an loser but he actually not he expired alot of Ppl to be the way they are,making friends where ever he go so if u ever see him u be a lucky person and he COOL ASFF and he like animeπŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
Qyamie is cool asfπŸ’―

Play me in 2k qyamieπŸ’―

Anime gang for lifeπŸ’―
by qbthesavage May 18, 2018
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