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A town in eastern long island, considered part of the south shore, where ritzy people live. Here, they drive their Beamer, Benz, or Bentleys, wear sweater-vests, and play croquet. They think they're Lance Armstrong because they ride their bikes everywhere. Here, the roads are total shit. There's water and pot holes all over the place and the roads are narrow as fuck. Unfortunately nobody has any idea where the fuck anything is outside of the small bubble they live in.
Sorry, I don't know where the Surf Club is in Quogue

Husband: The Surf Club? That's all the way down
Wife: no, dear, that's the Saltwater Club where we played Croquet with the Jones'. The Surf Club is in Quogue; you're in East Quogue.

Yo with all the fuckin money in Quogue why don't they fix the goddamn roads??
by Joey Agz August 17, 2010
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