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1. n. Someone who enjoys quizzes too much
2. n. The person in the class that Aces everything without studying
3. n. Nerd
4. n. Someone who studies so much, they fall asleep during quizzes
5. v. The act of doing a quiz extremely fast.
6. adj. Ready to take a quiz
1, OMG! Dave is so happy! I'm totally gonna bomb! I wish I could be a QuizAGoGo!
2. OMG! Dave is so gonna ace this quiz! And I studied for 2 hours. Damn QuizAGoGo!
3. Dave is so QuizAGoGo!
4. I think Claryssa is a QuizAGoGo, that sucks.
5. OMG! Look at Dave! He is so QuizAGoGo Right Now!!!
6. OMG, I'm so tired, I wish I could be QuizAGoGo like Dave. :/
by Taeko Hentie April 08, 2006
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