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A very beautiful woman, that’s been through more than anybody can imagine, and still trying to keep it together. Quinda is a unusual name, hard to pronounce even for English teachers. Its pronounced wrong so many times even Quinda’s don’t know what’s the right pronunciation anymore. Quinda’s are shy, quiet, and care too much of what people think. Quinda’s always say yes even when they don’t want to. Quinda will sacrifice herself just to see others smile. All Quinda wants is to be loved because Quinda’s love hard. Once she loves you there is nothing you can do to make her not. She rather feel pain than see someone else hurt. Quinda’s always fake smiles and make people laugh even though she wants to cry. Quinda's believe they aren’t worth anything, she is so use to getting used, she expects it from everybody. She believes she will never be truly loved. Every day she wishes she doesn’t exist, wishes she won’t wake up and have to deal with the world and pain that come from it . Everyday the world is on top of her but in her dreams she is on top of the world. She just wants to let go and just stop everything but she’s scared to actually do it so she cries her self to sleep almost every night. Nobody cares about Quinda. But one day she will do it and she will be free.
Quinda always falls short or being worthy, she will never be good enough.
by RockWithMe July 11, 2018
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