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Quincestefani (or Quincey for short) are usually very tiny individuals with big hearts. They're generally nice and will hold conversations with you late into the night until one of you passes out. But their nice demeanor should not be taken for granted. They will fuck shit up real quick if you even look at their avocado the wrong way. Take your toast and you better butter it, or else a Quincestefani will burst through the walls of your house and slap you with a stick of butter screaming vine references at the top of their lungs until you properly butter your toast. You should consider getting yourself a Quincestefani, they're fun to have around, but you just can't take them in public because they won't stop barking at everyone.
Guy: Yo, I totally found a Quincestefani
Girl: Are you sure it wasn't Gwen Stefani
Guy: Yeah I'm sure, she slapped me across the face with a stick of butter
by øswald May 23, 2018
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