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When one has reached an amount of wit that it is no longer pronounced wit, this is commenly known as quigle or quig for short."Swivel" is a commonly known ancestor to the word "quigle" Quiggle can also be defined as witty, clever, or fresh. 9 percent of women in the United States maintain some sort of art of quigle. Bob Saget is a publicfigure to the art of quigle. 1/238 people in the United States have quigle. chances are your mom. Thats it. Your mom.
"Like Dat"
"Fresh off of Swivel"
by swivel June 18, 2013
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Definition 1:
A word used to exclaim gratitude or negativity; akin to "aw shucks"
Definition 2:
A word used to exclaim excitement; akin to “yay!”
"Hey dude, you look great!"
"Oh quigle, thanks"

"We won the game last night bro!"
"Yes! Quigle

Quigle a word I made up
by Trash87 December 03, 2017
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