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The smaller, lesser-known fifth House of Hogwarts. It is a kind of special-ed House where the wizards with mental handicaps are placed. The House color is chartreuse yellow so that the often wandering students can be found easily. Quidditch is played on the gound with cones and a Nerf ball and the players all wear helmets. The Quibbledorf Trio is Leroy (Harry) who has Tourette's and a stutter, Rain (Hermione) who is mentally handicapped and stares and drools and Sampson (Ron) who has a hunchback and is in love with Rain, constantly wiping her drool.

Can also be used as a way to describe someone doing something stupid.
Trying to push open a door that says "pull"...Quibbledorf

Sticking a knife in an electrical outlet...Quibbledorf

Trying to slide down a garbage shoot...Quibbledorf

Person #1: "Look at that guy trying to shove M&M's up his nose."
Person #2: "Wow...he would be in Quibbledorf."
by the_ec_and_madtown April 18, 2009
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