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Is the shortest, cutest, most tender and special girl u'll ever meet. Black, long, straight hair, she has the best fresh look on her brown deep eyes. She's usually kinda shy and blushes with everything. Quetzys love details as much as they can get to love You. Be good with Quetzys, otherwise, You will be immersed in the sadness of being appart Quetzy. You just have to love Quetzys and treat them right.
1.- "Hey Quetzy , you look extremely gorgeous!" <- Correct
1.- "Aww thank you, i might invite you to my place next friday"

2.- "Hey Quetzy, your butt is such as big as the love I feel for you!" <- InCorrect
2.- "OH well, thats a good appreciation, i like ur nose. Its just as little as your...... ooops!
by Gapi22 November 04, 2014
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At first when you meet a quetzy she might seem like a flirt or whatever but when you get to know her you going to notice that she rather make others happy then her self she might always get you mad or whatever but deep inside she loves you you might not be able yo see it but she does

Quetzy will always love you if she been with you for a long time and trusted you with her deepest secrets then she really loves you if she cryes for you then you everything to her if you get a quetzy hold her because you wont ever find anyone like her
I want a girl to love me like your quetzy does
by love my quetzy May 16, 2014
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