Quetzalcoatl is the son of the Aztec two in one creator god Ometecuhtli.
by Dancing with Fire July 15, 2011
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1)The serpent-like bird-god of the Aztecs (has the head of a snake, body of a bird).

2)Character played by man in horror movie about..you guessed it..Quetzalcoatl. Man had stupid looking feather costume on, was obviously fake.
Don't piss off Quetzalcoatl, or he will put a curse on you.
by axolotl August 7, 2006
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Derived from the name of Quetzalcoatl, whose name comes from the Nahuatl language and has the meaning of "feathered-serpent", the Quetzalcoatl Dive Bomb entails smothering of the male sexual partner's penis in hot bovril and then feathers so that the resulting sexual organ is both feathered and serpentine in its scaly burntness. The Male then plunges his organ into the orifice of his choice and nature takes over from there.

Bonus points can be achieved if the partners both shave their pubes into symbols resembling the Maya calendar.
Bartholemy: Hello old bean! I do say I gave Miriam quite the Quetzalcoatl Dive Bomb last night!

Cleote: Ah, excellent! How is your cockskin handling the burns?

Bartholemy: Quite good, I daresay for the pleasure I received the third-degree burns and resulting dis-figuration are a fair trade.

Cleote: So it really felt that much better then normal?

Bartholemy: No, but lying to myself helps to ease the pain. That's how I got over the Zulu war memories.
by Cornelius P. Bulletball January 19, 2010
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