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A "Queeza" is a fat girl. Males can not be queezas as it is a feminine word and there is no masculine counter-part. It can also be used to describe a certain environment (like a night club) by replacing the 'a' with a 'y', "Queezy".
If a fat girl walks by while you're hanging out with your friends, the group of individuals may harmonize "Queeza" three times.

"Queeeeeza, Queeeeeeza, Queeeeeeza"

If you're in a club with a large amount of fat girls than normal, one might say... "It's a little 'Queezy' in here."

Or one might use it with an "ed" on the end:

"Damn... Jennifer's 'Queezed' out."

Or one may use it in one off situations like:

"Who's that 'Queeza' over there?"
by Fat Mack March 04, 2009
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