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One of the most stunning, gorgeous, beautiful, amazing people on both Tumblr, and on the real world. Surprisingly single, she has an incredible heart, and quality personality. That, on top of her looks, could prove her to be perfect. There isn't a flaw to be seen when talking to her. She has this talent of making people happy, inspiring them, and helping them "live through it." Her voice is also just phenomenal.

Loved by most, hated by few, queencharles is overall perfection, and I love her with all my heart.
"i’m happy for you.
please trust me, you can do it. no matter how hopeless and no matter how many times the idea of β€œoh my god, i wish i was dead, it would be so much better than suffering this utter shit” runs through your head - YOU CAN GET OVER THIS and everything will be okay.
go see a psychiatrist, get some therapy, get some medication to lift the anxiety/depression, and i promise you.

it is possible to feel like you’re alive again." - queencharles
by The-Spirit July 27, 2011
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