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Refers to the female "axe wound" and the hairs found there upon. If you look closely at the underside of the "roastbeef" you will discover that there is always one hair, struggling for supremacy that is longer than all others. This is "The Queen Hair". If some bitch hasn't properly mopped her dungeon or stamped her feet after a golden shower, the queen hair is particularly adept at retaining that one single solitary last drop of piss. This can then crystallise not unlike the copper sulphate crystals you used to grow at school. If for any reason the queen hair is dislodged or ends up in somebody’s teeth, never fear, there will always be another queen hair ready and waiting for crowning glory.
I was moppin up my bitchs' roastbeef last night and the fuckin queenhair got lodged in my throat. I coughed so hard, I nearly shit my heart.
by TANTI - (SHAUN WARD) June 21, 2004
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