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Complete and total devastation caused by an almighty queef.

A Queefpocalypse occurs when one's bush is in a rage and catches on fire and that person has a massive queef which shoots the raging bush as a massive fireball towards space. Once it is about to break through the atmosphere, it is pulled back down like a meteor due to earth's gravity. Because of the density of a bush on fire, it accelerates faster than anything else in existence and crashes into the earth, exploding into a toxic gas. It kills noone immediately - unless it lands directly on someone - but the toxic gas envelops the world and causes everyone to queef. The queef provoking quality of the gas is so strong that guys will queef and their penises will shoot off, creating a vagina from which they will now constantly expel queefs. The superpowered queefs now begin to cause the violent ejaculation of all internal organs through the vagina. Every living organism on the planet will eventually die. Not even cockroaches can survive a queefpocalyspe.

Many scientists believe that a minor queefpocalypse caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. Scientists theorize that the dinosaurs were very succeptable to raging bushes and therefore were ticking timebombs to envoke a queefpocalypse. They also speculate on a weakened resistance against queefs due to their RBS (raging bush syndrome). This is why only the dinosaurs were killed in this queefpocalypse.

"Oops I queefed"

"Sorry guys, I let one silp. Lucky my bush wasn't raging."

"The extinction of the dinosaurs was caused by a minor queefpocalypse."
by QueefMasterFlex December 04, 2009
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