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Your friend that is a boss ass bitch who doesn't take shit from no one because they are always fucking slaying and a queen
"Hey you know my friend Alannah?"
"Oh yeah they quaty over there! Damn she is slaying today"
by Queen of slaying November 05, 2016
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Quaty is shy in person but strong on texts. she would stalk on text but be scared of a confrontation for her crush. Quaty's are usually very tickilish.

They have black hair and are typically short.

They can lash out at anyone annoying but are kind to their friends.

They pretend not to like someone when they usually do and acts mean to their crush(ML)
OMG- its Quaty, she stalks me!
Look! its quaty! Shes my BFF
by asjkfhsjkhKJ May 30, 2018
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