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Noun or Verb: Inspired by Quasimodo. An obstacle or “hunchback” (if you will) that unexpectedly screws up your routine. Almost as if your day was going to be straight, i.e. your predetermined plan or a normal person’s spine, until some happiness offender throws metaphoric garbage in your path. Quasimodo had to get over looking like Streganonna, performing manual labor (probably without disability compensation), and living in the hot gypsy friend-zone. If no one threw him a quasi-hump he would have AT LEAST been an option on “Which Disney Prince Would You Marry”, and worst case scenario tied with the Beast. Aka the equivalent of a 400-pound creature with excessive body hair.
1. I was killing it on the dance floor until the DJ quasi-humped my night by turning on Nickelback.
2. Took a bite of a “chocolate chip” cookie.. Oatmeal raisin. Total quasi-hump.
by ModoMere December 02, 2015
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