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Definable from its root word and suffix; Quantum(or quantity) and "mistic" (to be of or express the idea (or notion that) your are of the root word by ether emotional expression or by a externally perceivable action on yourself, to others or to your environment)

Meaning 1a;

To obsess or over concern yourself over quantity or volume.

Meaning 1b;

To be ether negative or positive may it be emotionally or illogically over a quantity or volume.

Meaning 2a;

To overly concern over the quantum nature of reality (to tie ones self in a emotional knot or become in a state of emotional distress from a blurred understanding of reality.)

Meaning 2b;

To over annualized the quantum nature of reality until it becomes obscure.
In a sentence 1;

John "I'm concerned that we haven't got enough to win the victory"

Mark "but we are in fact twice in number to the opposition"

John "That is still not enough!"

Mark "we do have enough to win you are just being very Quantamistic in your attitude, so let it drop we will be fine!"
by ReeverDark March 09, 2011
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