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An exceptionally large and typically blonde creature that has a particular passion for the 'rear-splay'. Of 2 varieties, the better known is the 'lesser spotted Quainocerous'; this creature is known for being aggressive, high maintenance and possessing skills in magic, this includes several sightings of the 'sea-gul'. This includes turning a clasped handful of air into a handful of warm, sticky white substance and throwing it all over itself.
Rich - "Shit Batman, is that a lesser spotted Quainocerous?"

Batman - "Yikes! It must be.... Wait! Is that Jack?!"

Rich - "Be-Jesus! It is. Typical him, going for the 'rear-splay' in full public view."

Batman - "Yucky! The Quainocerous has just 'sea-gulled' again. Dutty biatch."
by inevitablysplaying January 09, 2012
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