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A filler word that denotes the feelings you have towards someone or something. The correct adjective form of the word is “quaggy” and is commonly accompanied by the filler noun “boi” (though this form is not exclusively used toward males).
NOTE: Quagg is in no way related to the word “quagmire” or “faggot”. It is purely a filler word.
Jimbo Slice: Did you meet Janet?
Groinst: Yeah. She was pretty quaggy. I like her.
Jimbo Slice: She is. A nice quagg. Her husband doesn’t deserve her.
Groinst: I agree. What a quaggy boi.
by aceketchup November 25, 2017
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1. quagg (noun)

An individual who is a slow, slow runner and failure at everything he or she does.
* 'Quagg' must be spoken in a tone similar as that of saying 'quack' imitating a duck.*

Graham you so slow. I'LL BURN YOU! Quiggity, quagg, quagg.
by Jay RRRR November 04, 2007
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