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When hundreds of asteroids crash into the earth, Cracking several Tectonic plates in the process, and cause massive natural disasters to occur. The breaking apart of the Tectonic plates will release previously hidden alien spacecraft, hidden since the first ice age, and release the formally hibernating tentacle faced aliens (read: Cthulu and the Ancient Ones). Once free, they will declare this world to now belong to them and unleash a zombie plague upon mankind.
Fuck that shit man! My sister's family was crushed by an asteroid, My brother was hiking on Mount St. Helens when it blew, my Mom was sacrificed in the name of Cthulu, and my Dad was consumed by his work pal, joe, who's a god damn zombie. Apocalypse my ass, we're experiencing the Quadpocalypse!
by OGreatBeardedOne June 06, 2011
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