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In the Maltese Language, Haqq Alla is the most common swear word, and is also quite offensive to the Catholic religion, as it is translated to "fuck god".

When saying to someone "Qisek Haqq Alla", that can be translated literally to "You are like a 'fuck god'". In other words, you're comparing the person to a swear word, and thus you're describing him as being offensive, disrespectful or totally not in place just a swear word such as Haqq Alla is.

This phrase is quite offensive both to the person you're telling it and also to anyone who is hearing it.
"Qazzistli zobbi, qisek Haqq Alla!"
Which translates to "I'm fed up with you, you're like a 'fuck god'".

"Ha ddum tahxili t-tfajla? Qisek Haqq Alla!"
Which translates to "How much longer are you gonna fuck my girlfriend? You're like a 'fuck god'"

(one must note that literal translations of swear words can sometimes lose their true meaning/feeling)
by L-iSkatenat August 18, 2010
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