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Qi-Gong is the mental practice of the Shaolin Kung-Fu practioneers.
They strengthen their mental energies 'Qi' Which comes from their Dan Tien.
This energy they make strong enough, until they can use it to be able to take more dammage and do certain things like throw a needle and burst glass; or smack apart a big stick with their hand.
- "Hey yo, how did that Shao-something monk tear that big stick apart with his hand?"
- "He practices Qi-Gong."
- "Oh..."
by Pier April 22, 2007
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Qigong (Qi-Gong, Chi Kung), literally "Skill in working with Qi", is an exercise founded in China that emphasizes slow, rhythmic movements, diaphragmatic (deep) breathing, proper body mechanics and flow of internal energy (Qi, Chi) to strengthen the body.

Qigong has many "schools" or styles of practice, among them being martial, medical and spiritual, therefore it can be a mental and spiritual exercise as well as a physical one. Based upon Taoist philosophical principles of relaxation, meditation and balance, its benefits can be enjoyed by everyone from children to senior citizens.

Characterized by slow, flowing movements, the Qigong practitioner focuses upon their body and mind, creating a type of moving meditation. A sister practice, Tai Chi (Taiji, Taijiquan, T'ai Chi Ch'uan), offers a martial art that uses Qi for effective, effortless self-defense.

The practice of Qigong helps you develop a better understanding of how your body and mind can work together.
by Sifu Philip Bonifonte May 29, 2007
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