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A Qemba is a lying, delusional bitch that somehow always seems to stick their nose someplace it doesn't belong. Aside from being very annoying, Qembas think they are God's gift to earth and act as such even though they can't accept the fact that no one will ever want them.

Qemba may also refer to someone who is awesome on the internet but when you meet them they are the the last imaginable person you could ever want in your life. They are often smooth talkers (like the characters they wish they could have created during roleplay) and lure you in with their sweet words until you meet them and they are horribly ill mannered, annoying and overall a royal pain in the ass. They are messy, unattractive, self centered and disgusting.

Calling someone a Qemba may also imply that someone is biting off more than they can chew. The insult comes from someone who thinks they can dress as a character (such as in cosplay) that they don't resemble. Qembas often don't realize that they're overweight and can't fit into a costume made for someone that weighs below 130lbs. Still, they seem to think they are as good as people better than them even if everyone looks at them in pity.
Person A: So that Qemba called me the other day... Their girlfriend dumped them again.
Person B: Well they did start the fight...
Person A: No, they think it's the girlfriend's fault.

Person A: So remember that girl I was talking to online? I went to go meet her at a coffee shop the other day.
Person B: And?
Person A: She was a total Qemba. She sat there hacking up shit in her throat and bragging about the time she met so and so... I had to look away.

Person A: So you cosplayed with that girl... How was it?
Person B: She wore a skin tight body suit... Too bad she's a Qemba.
Person A: EWWW!
Person B: I was embarrassed to be seen with her.
by MelloDramatic August 26, 2012
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