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The sweetest, most wonderful boy ever

He cares more than you can imagine

Has a sweet, brilliant personality
Nigga is your main

Sense of humor is on fucking point

Patient as hell
Lovely brown eyes

Handsome 😍😍😍😍
Doesn't instantly judge you

If you dont have a qari in your life, you have nothing

One flaw tho ngl: doesnt like water

He also smooth af

Do yourself a favor, go find yourself a QARI.

God knows you need one

Aight fam
"Bro do you like water?"

"Yeah bro
"Then you must like 65% of me"
You just a pulled a qari bro"

*single girl asks single qari*

"Qari whats your girlfriend doing right now?"
"She's asking me what she's doing"

"Bae 😍"
by Sharkheisha May 14, 2015
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