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Acronym for "queefing my tits off," used by the finest caliber of society in two main, everyday situations:

(1). To express how truly unexciting something lame is by mockingly comparing it to feminine excitement. In other words, used similarly to how "gay" was used - before everyone realized how homophobia is a LOT less funny than sexist slurs.

(2). To describe one's self as having displayed behaviors similar to a woman (referred to as "being an inconsiderate bitch" by academia). Used in a context of self-reflection - usually to describe a regretful time one was acting in such a way, or to explain why one will not take a certain action in the present (to avoid acting in such a way).

The following incorporates both of these definitions, respectively:
Humanitarian douche: Did you hear about the new environmentally friendly vegan burgers at Shartzesia's?

Academia: Oh yea, QMTO(1) in excitement here

Passerby: I'm so glad Academia uses that term instead of resorting to homophobia.

Academia: I know, I feel so terrible- really used to QMTO(2)

Jon Lajoie: Women QTTO and I don't respect them. That's right, I just have sex with 'em.
by ssnoil November 16, 2011
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