She is a great person she cares for anyone and everyone she can be a real b***h but she has a soft side for anyone and everyone. She has been broken a lot of times so she may do something dumb to a boy that will actually love her and treat her way different. She may not get over a boy but it's because she thinks it's true love when it's not she will find someone better. People may think she is a s**t because of everything she does and the boys she dates and heat she lets the boys do to her. Besides that she is a wonderful kid and she probably gets into fights all the time but one day she tells someone that she's sick of drama and she doesn't want it. She gets and stays out of drama and she won't want a relationship until she feels like she's not gonna get broken. She has a loving heart until you get onto her bad side then the devil comes out of her but don't judge her because she could have a lot of family stuff and she may suffer with depression, bipolar and anxiety. She may have a lot of trust issues
Q-sharntae means love and happy until you get on her bad side or until she gets broken by someone she 'loved'
by Ifykyk_ December 29, 2021
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