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People suffering from pyjamaphobia have a characteristic fear of pyjamas, nightgowns (and often, even onesies).

The origin of this fear is largely unknown but sources suggest it may have appeared as back as the 1930's, when millions of people lost their jobs due to the great recession and their families, in desperation, often stayed at home day after day in their pyjamas.

There are many theories as to why people suffering from pyajamaphobia fear something as seemingly innocent as a pyjama, but as with all fears, not everything has an explanation.

Many people who suffer this phobia have eradicated pyjamas from their own lives and from their loved ones'. While this may seem as an inconvenience to some, especially in colder climates, recent surveys indicated that dealing with pyjamaphobia in this way leads to a healthier, happier sex life.

Some characteristic symptoms of people who may be suffering from pyjamaphobia are:

- Always sleeping naked

- Not owning a pyjama

- Changing into "day clothes" right out of bed

- Getting frustrated when seeing others dressed in pyjamas

Please note that pyjamaphobia is very real and can be a dangerous fear unless it is diagnosed and acknowledged by the patient. If you think you know someone who shows some of the symptoms above the try get rid of their pyjamas. They'll thank you later.
Some quotes from people suffering from pyjamaphobia:

Strip off and come to bed!
Babe, you know I can't stand seeing you in those pajamas. It's so lazy.
by drphobius October 25, 2013
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