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Pyeongtaek is a city in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. Located in the southwestern part of the province.

It is where a lot of the 미국's (Americans) from a nearby Army Post (Camp Humphreys) in 안정리 (Anjung-Ri, pronounced Anjung-Ni) go to, to drink, party, and wreak havoc on Korean citizens.

It's well known for it's Mall AK Plaza.
You can find all the American kids at local 노래방's (Karaokes)
Or try walking into X.O. Located across the street from McDondalds.

J.C. Park located near McDonald's is where all the pedophile Indian/Muslim people hang out at to desperately search for young under aged Korean/American girls.

If you're looking for a great time. Hit up 평택 (Pyeongtaek)
Kid 1: Yah, Byeoungshin! You down for pyeongtaek tonight?
Kid 2: Hell yeah! I'll be waiting infront of AK Plaza when you get off the 20 bus!
by Cnonymous. December 31, 2010
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