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A word used to express delight or happiness as used by the famous Bally Boys Mathematics Teacher Ray Ray Rankin. A stalwart soldier in the mathematics world who also goes by the code-names Captain of the Silver Bullet, Banger of the Greek Goddess, The Peck Master, Disciple of the holy Coroneos and The Colonel.
The word first came into common use after Ray Rankin's year 12 mathematics class heard him utter the phrase when they asked for help with a particularly difficult maths question. Ray would then look at the question utter the phrase Puyah and explain to the student that the question was a bastard and they were right to ask the colonel for help.

Since then the word has been used greatly outside the mathematics context as an exclamation of great delight or happiness often mostly associated with the spotting or scoping out of attractive females. When one particularly good looking female is sighted Bally Boys students have been known to turn to their friends and say Puyah! in a ode their greatly admired maths teacher Ray Rankin.
When a hot chick walks past it is traditional for a bally boy who was in Ray Rankins maths class to utter the phrase Puyah! at the top of his voice.

Ray Rankin "Puyah! Ow Max. You Sick Fuck. Jamie you sweat when you breath. Enough of that puffy shit. Ey You. Eh Eh Eh Charley Farley Harley."

Shot Ray this is dedicated to you. Puyah!
by Ninja Mc Stealth Kill July 27, 2009
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