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Side Note: The Spanish word Puta is Spanish for prostitute or whore.

The Phrase "puta please" is the Spanish Variant of "Bitch Please" "Nig(whatever ending you please whether it be "ger" "ga" "gah" "nig" "let" or nothing at all.) It like the other phrases tone of voice matters whether it is offensive or not, also who you are with.

This is the First "Puta, Please" on The Urban Dictionary! From T.T. in Fort Lauderdale.
Rosa: Aye Maria, I went to the swap shop and and I got my weave done for $Free.99! When I went to go get my shit done those bitches told me I had to get my own weave, so I went to the Puta next to her and got some authentic fucking, Puerto Rican horse hair!

Maria: Ja Ja Ja (the Spanish Hahaha) Puta, Please!
by ghostlyscape March 05, 2011
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